Why Your ‘Personal Trainer’ Hasn’t Replied To Your Text

This is just a quick post to explain the different ways that a personal trainer, coach, and group-training instructor usually communicate with their clients outside of training sessions.

All too often, it’s expected that fitness professionals are a mash up of all of these (we’re not).

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers cost more per hour, and there are less than 4 people in your session. You can text them (and they’ll reply).

PT’s work long hours at the gym. It’s pretty easy to return texts but harder to take calls because of the music in the gym.

As well, we can text you when waiting for a client. If we call you in that time, our client might arrive at any time, and then we have to get off the phone. It’s just easier to text.


Self-employed coaches are contracted to help you in a multi-dimensional elements of your fitness lifestyle. They usually struggle to do it with the customer service element that personal training provides.

Text message communication is often short, and seems rude. They’re usually really tired at the end of the day from encouraging literally armies of people, so even giving you a thumbs up on your facebook page is effort.

Employee Coaches are usually on salary, responsible in keeping large groups of boot camp customers happy. If you need extra support, usually you can meet up for coffee or have a call without extra charge.

Sometimes they’ll be cool with text, but not as much as personal trainers are. One reason for this is because it’s easier to show to their boss that they met with you for x amount of time, than adding up all the 2-minute texts you sent them over the weekend.

Group Training Instructors

Group training instructors make less money than your son at his front desk job at the local hotel. Don’t bug them for their phone number or after support – they’re not your ‘personal trainer’ unless you’ve hired them on a separate package. Instead, support THEM by liking and engaging in their facebook page (and giving them a big tip at the end of the year)!!

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Cat Smiley

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