Food Plan

Restore your relationship with healthy eating

I’ve designed all the meals to be zero waste, one portion meals so boot campers can trust themselves to stay on track. It will alleviate cravings while keeping them satiated on a 1200 calorie diet.

The food plan is written in paperback, The Planet Friendly Diet, which every boot camper follows. The macros are similar to the Zone diet, and it’s moderately low keto (mostly under 100 g net carbs daily, suitable for diabetics). 

I’m a certified sports nutritionist who has worked exclusively in obesity recovery diet development since 2008. I understand the anxieties surrounding food and struggles in following a consistent plan.

I focus on practical action steps to move forward from a dysfunctional relationship with food and exercise.

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Find peace with food

food plan

One of the most popular parts of Whistler Fitness Vacations were the nutrition workshops. I went to Massey University to study food science and am a certified Sports Nutritionist. My core strengths are in emotional eating and mastery of binge urges. I love supporting women with food choices, yo-yo dieting, and general mindset behind finding peace with food.


I believe in realistic changes that you can bring home with you, and feel happy doing when at the weight loss camp.

Guests cook their own meals. Why? Two main reasons: to make the stay more of a training for when you go home and less like a vacation. And to reduce the costs for you.  

Delicious, Wholesome Nutrition

food plan

food plan​

Food plan and nutrition philosophy | plant-based, one portion meals