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Under the leadership of acclaimed fitness expert Cat Smiley, Whistler Fitness Vacations exclusively provides programs to women of beginner fitness levels.

In addition to operating WFV, Cat is the founder of Jump School – a fitness academy for beginner exercisers that shares 4 different levels (28 day minimum) of day-by-day food, activity, education and personal development strategies for permanent lifestyle change. The academy is designed as a full-time immersion that can be done either at home, or with us in Whistler.

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Body Transformation Expert

Cat has been named Canada’s top trainer three times by the International Sports Science Association. Starting her story in 2001 as a new immigrant, her customers became her greatest teachers and inspiration. She went on to launching Canada’s first and longest running fitness boot camp, and in 2012 was named by industry peers in the top 10 boot camp instructors worldwide – and the only female on the list.

Her fitness column “Kick Start” was nationally syndicated to over 300 community newspapers in Canada for almost a decade. She has also written two books, one of which became a best seller. In addition to working as a professional athlete for 12 years, she’s transformed her own physique multiple times for marketing purposes. Some of these include competing in a bikini competition, skiing the cover of Ski Canada magazine and modeling an 8 page workout spread in Oxygen magazine.

Cat has worked with celebrities, public figures and even a president, formerly traveling for destination contracts. One especially memorable contract was working full time (35 hrs week for 8 weeks) to lose 50lbs off a customer, who then went on to lose – with her remote help – a total of 125lbs. She was then invited to work with his family in Europe. She took an average of 35lbs off four family members during her six week stay.

Closer to home, Cat works with a maximum of 75 women per year in their body transformations. Her five year average for a client between 250 – 275lbs starting weight (her most common clientele) is 23lbs per month. Statistically since 2013 (5 years) these clients have taken 7 months and 2 weeks to lose 100lbs. Cat Smiley’s data on weight loss is comparable to some seasons of The Biggest Loser on NBC. Coincidentally she has been selected down to the final 10 trainers (out of over 200,000 auditions) for consideration of on-camera trainer. (She didn’t get the part, and hasn’t reapplied… )

Early Life In Canada

Cat grew up in the farmlands of New Zealand, traveling to Canada as a teenager, in pursuit of her freestyle skiing career. She is the Fitness Director for all weeks, working closely with her fitness team to deliver the program – assigning intensities, groups, pace and activities twice daily. She also leads classes, coaching and group sessions at least two days per week.

Her unlikely start into the fitness industry was televised on the LIFE Network in the documentary series “Whistler Stories”, aired nationally in USA and Canada during winter of 2004.

17 Years In Business

Whistler Fitness Vacations was built one happy customer at a time, organically through The Original Boot Campachieving international media, including cover story of Readers Digest. People began to travel to Whistler to book Cat exclusively for body transformations.

Her love of Whistler is splashed all over her business model, and one of her greatest accomplishments is to have found success being authentic to her true self, committed to delivering the professional coaching and vacation experience that our company has built it’s success on.

Professional Ski Career

Cat Smiley studied nutrition and sport management at Massey University prior to immigrating to Canada. And despite spending extensive time recovering from injuries she successfully competed on the world stage for 12 years. She retired in 2010 at age 36, with an X-Games medal and a couple of World Cup participations under her belt.

Her journey has been a winding road. Finding peace with food and normalizing her relationship with diet and exercise is something she never thought would have been possible. Sharing her tactics and tips with her clients has created deeply personal teaching moments and positive feedback that her work has been life changing.

Her Purpose

Cat’s relentless commitment to smashing the glass ceiling and coaching others to do the same has made Whistler Fitness Vacations renowned for its superb programs and top-notch programs. Cat holds a Masters in Sports Science and is a certified Life Coach, Executive Coach and Sports Nutritionist with specialty in exercise therapy for injury rehabilitation and the obese population.

She hopes to mentor more women to say YES to themselves and their opportunities, who will then play it forward to future generations.

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