Hi I’m Cat

Master Trainer, life coach, plant-powered nutritionist, executive business coach and unshakeable optimist…with over 17 years in the fitness industry. I’ve created my dream career, and am dedicated to helping other personal trainers do the same.

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Blog like nobody’s reading!

Hi! I’m Catherine, but nobody calls me that. Except the government sometimes.

I’m a certified Master Trainer with the International Sports Science Association, and have been working full time in the fitness industry for 17 years. I’m also an Executive Business Coach, and Certified Life Coach.

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This blog is intended to be a place for me to write for my own reasons… somewhere to drop all my thoughts down and perhaps work through any realisations or healing that needs to take place. Most of those realisations will probably be work related!

For more factual posts on health, travel and fitness, head to my other blog, LoveAndEspresso.com

I believe in spending the time to travel inwards. Figure out what we really want out of the particular thing in our life that is causing us unrest. This could be careers, countries, culture, fitness. Anything that affects you enough to share (express) it to your hairdresser or personal trainer, if your best friend isn’t available.

Realising that we can change our natural destiny and tackle life’s course with a counter-intuitive approach is a lesson worth sharing.

It’s also something I’ve lived by.

Want To Work Together?

Awesome! I own a wonderful company called Whistler Fitness Vacations. It’s a luxury weight loss retreat – for women who are outside of healthy weight range.

Stays are 1-8 weeks with full body transformation focus, weekly from April to September every year in Whistler, B.C. Although I have a great team working with me, I’m hands-on everyday with my clients, so if you want to work together with me personally, click here!

Thanks for being here! I hope that we’ll meet someday 🙂