Supporting Your Clients (Without Losing Yourself)

You’re at the gym within an hour of waking up, and are still there an hour before you go to bed. While that’s might be the fast track to making money, it’s also fast track to burn out.

This is part 3 of an article series about supporting your clients after their personal training sessions. Below are the first 2 posts.

Don’t Quit Your Personal Training Job (Before Reading This!) 

6 Easy Things To Dodge Burn Out

  1. Take back control of your work-life balance by clarifying to your clients when you’re available for them. Or, have a second cell for work.
  2. Provide alternative options for support when you’re not (facebook is a really fast solution).
  3. Don’t add your clients onto your personal facebook account. You’ll be home in your pj’s on a treat night, finishing pizza (or after a few beers) when they message you – guarantee it.
  4. Build a helpful fb page. Don’t enable messaging, and post personal stuff on there once in a while. Business is about knowing (and liking) both the company and faces behind it. 
  5. Rebrand your business, write new personal training (or boot camp) policies and create a support book for your customers. Include as much helpful advice as you can, with support links and phone numbers.
  6. Create a network of fellow professionals in town that can work with your clients. You won’t lose business by referring your customers to a life coach, counsellor or accountability app to help them stay on track.

Improve Your Business Model

The decision to quit personal training is a doozy. It’s one that’ll keep you awake at night, and probably bore the crap out of your dog-boyfriend-girlfriend-best-friend-cousin….anyone whose available to listen to you.

Ultimately only you know the answer.

If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. But if you’re stuck in rut where you feel burnt out – with still a bit of spark… try taking a break instead. In that break, get to work on the above strategies. Good luck!

Cat Smiley

Cat Smiley has been named Canada’s top trainer 3 times by the International Sports Science Association. She is a certified Master Trainer of Fitness Sciences (ISSA), Life Coach, Nutritionist, Executive Business Coach and the owner of Whistler Fitness Vacations. Prior to that, she spent 10 years building her personal training and boot camp company - while also working as a professional athlete and nationally syndicated health columnist. She inevitably hit burnout and learnt a ton of lessons along the way. is a mash-up of all the things she did to keep her passion for fitness training alive, almost 20 years later. - Find my site helpful? Please mention Whistler Fitness Vacations to your personal training clients if they ask you about fitness retreats! It really helps (and I really appreciate it!)