I’m A Personal Trainer (Hear Me Roar)

Oh hey! I’m Cat. A personal trainer – like you! This is both my free mentorship site and soul space to publicly help myself make sense of work stuff. I overthink things waaaay too much.

I’ve worked my butt off for the past 17 years, starting my career living in my car, truly on the poverty line. I got fired from far too many jobs as a bratty 20-something so really, figuring out self-employment was survival.

While employers didn’t like my personality much in the service industry, I noticed that the people I was servicing LOVED IT. This fuelled my confidence to NOT CHANGE. With this ‘fuck it, this is me’ mentality I fearlessly built my company into something more successful than I ever imagined [pinch me]!! And you can too.

CatSmiley.com is the raw truth in daily personal training shenanigans. It’s pessimistic at times, for sure! With truth bombs and more-than-occasional swearing. I don’t swear at work or with clients, but as my blogs aren’t intended for professional purposes, I’ve taken the liberty to use the language I use in my personal life.

Personal training is an AWESOME JOB if you can work through the hurdles.

My Mum told me once that there’s crap in every job, and you’ve just gotta find the job that’s worth it. PT really is a job that’s worth it. It’s worth the bricks you break down, the fight to figure it out…living off raman noodles for a few years as you navigate the game.

I wish all of us trainers 6-figure income, schedule freedom, time & motivation for our own workouts, a fulfilling social life and CONFIDENCE to trust our career will support us for many years to come. Yeahhhh!!

So let me know you’re reading, it motivates me to write more. Dance with me! Get vocal on our new facebook page. 

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