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 The Planet Friendly DietTonight I’m having coconut-crusted tilapia, a recipe from The Planet Friendly Diet, with a glass of wine, and a movie. Breaking two rules that ‘health experts’ shove at us – never eat alone, or in front of the TV.Millions cook for one, every day.Just like some people prefer to exercise alone, some people prefer to eat alone. I’m not a recluse by any means, but sitting down for a delicious meal at the end of a day seems like the perfect opportunity to ‘just be.’

Most of my friends these days have small children to cook for, while others are arguing with their husbands over why he’s not home for dinner. Eating to me is a freedom, an opportunity to put some goodness into the body that works so hard for me. Whether it’s shared with friends or family members is irrelevant – me, myself and I is pretty good company too. Mouth watering, nutritious and exotic dishes can be whipped up quickly and economically.

There is a common misconception that solo dinners are about efficiently managing your leftovers. I prefer to only buy what I need and cook from scratch each time, depending on my mood and what’s for dinner. It’s a lot easier to overeat when you make two portions.

If you have a lifestyle that finds you cooking for one, take a minute to think about all the benefits. Try to eat at the dinner table with a place mat and cutlery when you can – having someone to talk to across the dinner table is nice sometimes, but your own company is pretty good too! After all, it’s only 20 minutes you have to sit still and be with yourself. If you don’t find yourself interesting enough to do that, how can you expect your friends to find you interesting? Change your mind about your preference and you will enjoy dinner time much more – a moment to catch up with yourself and do something good. Plan and organize menus on your next day off so that you can save time in the kitchen cooking. Set the environment with uplifting music and limited distractions. If you want to eat in front of your favorite TV show once in a while and you can still be mindful about what you are eating, go for it!

If you haven’t read The Planet Friendly Diet yet, I highly recommend you do so. It’s a terrific cookbook with one serving portions, written by yours truly! Healthy eating is happy eating….do what works for you!

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Cat Smiley has established herself as one of Canada’s leading fitness educators through her unconditional commitment to inspiring people to live their best and healthiest lives.
- Dr. Sal Arria, DC, MSS, Co-Founder and CEO of ISSA
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